Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back Home

I have now popped the Nuffield bubble and am back to reality (and my own bed). At this point I need to thank everyone that has made this year possible. I am not going to individually name everyone but thanks in particular to my family, Nuffield Australia, GRDC, and everyone that has hosted me, fed me, given me a bed or beer, or helped organise visits and contacts.
Thanks to all the boys from my GFP. Thanks for the memories and look forward to keeping in touch
The easy bit is done and now I just have the minor issue of finishing off my report and presenting my findings. My travels have given me a renewed drive to strive ahead and continue to improve. I am confident our business is heading in the right direction but one thing for sure is that we need to continue to move with the times and keep on challenging ourselves and what we do.

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